Sport Hockey: How Can We Love

Lynah Rink for others may just be a simple 4,267-seat hockey arena at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. But it has a lot more to offer. It brings Atletism in everyone. It gives home to the athletes around. It gives a bunch of joy to the people who love sports. It’s just the life of such activities.

This site is designed to let you know what Lyna Rink truly is. Aside from being a home for our beloved athletes, there is a lot of information that we must know about the quonset shaped structure building. From what activities it can hold to what teams will be participating, you can find it here! Know the schedules of the games and participate on the cheers of your own team. Know how well Lynah Rink can make you scream out loud with all your force for your own hockey group. See you there!

Naked Female Athletes At The Olympics

The first thing a guy does when watching women’s sporting events in the Olympics is to check out the hotties. Then the guys would wonder how these hotties look without their spandex and athletic gear. Well wonder no more because we have a list (and pictures) of naked female athletes who posed nude:

  • Petra Nieman-Sailing

naked female athletes

Petra has competed in three Olympics (2000, 2004 and 2008). Her claim to fame is her spread in Playboy Germany in 2008 (as she didn’t win any medals in the Olympics).

  • Amy Acuff-Track and Field

Amy Acuff-Track and Field

Amy specialized in the long jump and is a veteran Olympic athlete—having competed in five of them (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012). Her best finish was fourth place but she’s first in our hearts for posing nude in 2000.

  • Amanda Beard-Swimming

Amanda Beard-Swimming

Amanda has had tremendous success in the Olympics, winning 7 medals all in all. She was also a former record holder for women’s breaststroke. She posed nude for Playboy in 2007.

  • Hope Solo-Soccer

Hope Solo-Soccer

Hope is a revered Soccer hero in America, leading the Americans to 2 golds in the 2 separate Olympics. She plays goalkeeper for the US and for the Philadelphia Charge. Hope appeared nude in the Body Issue of ESPN the Magazine in 2011.

  • Ineta Radevica-Track and Field

Ineta Radevica-Track and Field

Ineta is a Track and Field athlete from Latvia who competed in the Long Jump and Triple Jump events. She never did manage to win a medal in the Olympics though. But at least she posed nude in 2004 and forever etched her name in the history books.

  • Lolo Jones-Track and Field

Lolo Jones-Track and Field

Lolo has two disciplines—Track and Bobsled. She missed her chance at a medal in 2008. Good thing didn’t miss out posing in the buff as she also appeared in ESPN the Magazine’s the Body Issue in 2011.

  • Romy Tarangul-Judo

naked female athletes

Romy is a Judoka from Germany and competed in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics but missed out on a medal. She appeared in Playboy in 2008.

  • Madeleine Dupont-Curling

Madeleine Dupont-Curling

People didn’t know what Curling was until Madeleine Dupont posed nude. That’s when people realized that Curling is a sport and that Madeleine was a Curler.

  • Tatiana Grigorieva-Pole Vault

Tatiana Grigorieva-Pole Vault

Tatiana was born in Russia but competed for Australia. At least Tatiana was able to win a silver medal in the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

  • Katharina Scholz-Field Hockey

Katharina Scholz-Field Hockey

Katharina competed in the 2008 Olympics in the sport of Field Hockey. She appeared with Petra Neimann, Romy Tarangul and Nicole Reinhardt in Playboy German back in 2008.

  • Nicole Reinhardt-Spring Canoeing

Nicole Reinhardt-Spring Canoeing

Nicole competed for Germany since 2008. She won gold in Beijing for the K-4 500m event. Together with the three other German girls on this list, Nicole posed for Playboy Germany before the 2008 Olympics.

Did we miss out on any naked female athletes who competed in the Olympics?

Get The Latest At CBS College Sports Network Live Stream

cbs college sports network live stream

Good news for people who closely follow college sports, CBS college sports network live stream covers hundreds of games involving many different sports.

CSTV Networks, the first multimedia network that aired college sports 24 hours a day was purchased by CBS back in 2006.  Renamed CBS Sports College network in 2009, it continues to provide digital television services via cable and satellite, as well as a robust multimedia and internet presence.  It is ably supported by partnerships with more than 200 official college athletic websites.

CBS Sports Network airs a whole load of original content that include talk shows, features, and documentaries and even leads the pack in the airing of college women’s sports events.  It covers such popular tournaments as NCAA division I, II and III, 35 different sports and nine NCAA championships.

More than 200 football games per year are aired via CBS college football streaming, enabling college football fans anywhere in the world to watch important matchups live from anywhere in the world.  The same may be said of basketball, another popular college sport, where hundreds of games per year are also aired.  Other, less popular games are also aired, including volleyball, field hockey, lacrosse, water polo, gymnastics, wrestling, track and field, soccer, and many more.

cbs college sports network live stream

Aside from actual games, there are also programs that deal with game previews, post-game analysis, predictions and expert commentaries. It is considered the provider of the most in-depth coverage of all college sports and championships in the web and in the world of multimedia.

On the rightmost side of the website, a five-day schedule of games aired live may be found.  If you want to make sure not to miss a particular game, you can subscribe to a GameTracker application that provides updates on which games are being shown on a particular date.  There is also a twitter account you can subscribe to for updates on games about to be played and even game results.

The passport to CBS network sports streaming is a simple subscription to the main CBS Sports Network that you may try for a week for free, subscribe for a month for $17.95 or get a full year’s subscription for $129.75.

When you log in to the CBS Sports college network website, you will also gain access to their partner athletic programs and even purchase official merchandise associated with your favorite college sports team.  The website is so popular that it receives 40 million unique visitors and 250 million page views per month – assuring that you are in good company.

As a bonus for subscribing CBS sports network, you also receive access to a host of programs associated with professional sports, including games aired live and commentaries.  Among the most popularly watched professional sports are football, basketball and bowling.

If you are a fan of one or more college sport or a particular college sport team, then subscribing to CBS college sports network live stream is the best way to ensure you get to see the games you are waiting for.  You can avail of the one week free subscription to try it out.  But chances are, once the free week is over, you will want to pay for a longer subscription period.  After all, it is worth every cent.

What Are The Popular Sports In Spanish Speaking Countries?

There are 79 Spanish speaking countries around the world, and sports have always played an important part of their culture and lifestyle. There are different popular sports in Spanish speaking countries, and these are the following:


  • Soccer, commonly known as “futbol” or football is the most popular and favorite sport played in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. It may not be as popular in other countries such as in the USA, but in Spain literally everyone plays it. If you happen to hear about Barcelona and Real Madrid, two of the most famous Spanish teams in the premier league La Liga or also called Primera, you are on the right track.
  • Basketball is another popular team sport in Spanish speaking countries. With Serge Ibaka, brothers Pau and Marc Gasol, and Mano Ginobilirepresentstheir respective country in the NBA to name a few, basketball is truly one great sport to be proud of. In Spain, there are eighteen professional teams playing from September to June in local league and European events.
  • Baseball is also one of the most played sports in Spanish speaking countries particularly in Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Venezuela. In Nicaragua, the American-style baseball is the most popular sport played, making it a tradition with five teams competing against each other. Players who will compete internationally are then picked from these five teams. In Panama, the influence of US can be seen in baseball as they have made this the national sport of the country.

Although team sports are very popular in Spanish speaking countries, the success of individual sports can’t be ignored too. Here are some individual sports played in Spanish speaking countries:

sports in spanish speaking countries

  • Bullfighting, being Spain’s national sport, is one classic game played as a sport in Spanish speaking countries from way back in the eighteenth century. It started when Spanish nobles fought bulls to honor King Alfonso VIII’s coronation.This sport is most often played in Spain and Mexico.
  • Cycling has grown in popularity too since the 1940s with Spain hosting one of the most important races called the Vuelta a Espana or “Tour of Spain” with Gustaaf Deloor from Belgium as its first winner. But the one who triggered the interest of many and positively brought great attention to this sport was cyclist Miguel Indurain when he won the Tour de France for five consecutive years, from 1991-1995.
  • Tennis is one of the most successful sports played in Chile and Spain. When Spanish Rafael Nadal won the Australian Open and became the no. 1 ranked player, tennis in Spanish speaking countries has never been the same again.
  • Boxing is no doubt, the most popular sport in Mexico. This sport spawned the rise of famous boxing personalities including Julio Chavez, Oscar De La Hoya, Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Juan Manual Marquez, and Julio Cesar Chavez.
  • Formula One racing is recently gaining its popularity when it comes to sports in Spanish speaking countries. Fernando Alonso is currently the most successful Spaniard who won the World Drivers’ Champion twice and the only driver from Spain who won a Grand Prix.

The list of sports in Spanish speaking countries can go on and on. Consider Spain and the rest of the Spanish speaking countries a major sports powerhouse with their ability to adapt well in sports development. There is no doubt that we will be seeing the rise of famous athletes in these countries in the next years to come.

One-Of-A-Kind Sports Science Fair Projects

Science fair projects are a common part of a student’s life. They present opportunities for the student to be able to showcase his/her talent in science, specifically applying concepts and ideas to regular, everyday activities. Sports make it doubly fun and interesting because topics related to sports and science are fused to create sports science fair projects.

Now some students are not exactly gifted when it comes to thinking of possible projects for a school project, more so if it’s for sports and science combined. However, it just takes a little focus and creativity to think of science fair project ideas that would elicit interest and be practical at the same time.

Here are some good examples that can be used for Sports Science Fair Projects:

Food and Drink Analysis

Food and Drink Analysis

One good idea is to do a food and drink analysis for new products in the market. With the proliferation of so-called energy drinks, protein shakes, powders, bars, etc., their effectiveness should be measured if they can really elevate energy levels to the optimum, especially during intense physical activity. This can be conducted with a single product at a time against a control group who will not be given a dose of the product. Energy levels will be measured after they undergo the same activity, say running, to find out what benefit/s the product can give.

A comparison of product ingredients can also be done. For example, one energy drink can be pitted against another. One group will be asked to take product A and the other group will be given product B. The goal may be to find out what roles these ingredients play, what is more effective for what particular sport and why.

Another product differentiation can be done in terms of taste. It is said that flavor is one factor which makes an athlete consume more of a certain product. So, finding out what product is most preferred, and what its possible effect on the athlete afterwards can also be a topic to pursue.

Test Communication Effectiveness

Test Communication Effectiveness

Another idea for a sport related science fair project is testing the effectiveness of communication. Two groups are asked to play volleyball, one group can communicate, while the other could not. Let them play several sets of games and record the results.

It is expected that the first group will emerge as the winner because communication is essential in volleyball, but this sports science fair project will provide sufficient proof for this claim.

Tall and Short. Would you like to know if shorter people are in a disadvantaged position against taller runners? For obvious reasons, most people would presume that longer legs would equate to bigger strides, that would result to faster arrival at the finish line.

Take a few athletes and measure their height and stride length. Let them run one at a time in the same area for several times and clock their speed. Chart all the data you have and test your hypothesis. Analyze your results if there is a correlation between a taller height and running speed or none at all.



There are many possible ways to look at how science and sports get intertwined with the concept of exercise. For a science fair project idea, it would be a brilliant approach to look at how exercise improves memory. The subjects here would be people who exercise and those who do not. You can use an existing memory test to examine which one will perform better.

You can also compare the combined effects of exercise and Gatorade on heart rate. Try to get individuals of the same ages, heights and weights to reduce the variables to be considered. Compare their resting heart rate and the rate after doing step-ups for 4 minutes, and record them.

Do the same procedure on the following day, but now have the participants drink 250 ml of Gatorade first, before doing the step-ups. Record all your findings and compare if there was an effect on the different heart rates of the individuals who took part in this activity.

Knowing how to handle different sports science fair projects is an important factor to let everybody discern how much learning you’ve gained successfully.