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Silencis Pro Scam?

Silencis Pro is created as a result of the latest discoveries of the academic world. Recently analyzed brain-scans revealed that Tinnitus “travels” all throughout the brain; this debunked the popular myth that the ”root of the ear-ringing”  is located in the ear. What made the researchers lean towards this discovery was actually a series

Spine Surgery for Degenerative Disc Disease: Minimally Invasive Discectomy, Laminectomy and Spinal Fusion Surgery

Patients suffering from severe low back pain may fail to get relief from conservative, non-surgical treatments. When conservative treatments fail to relieve the pain, doctors may recommend spinal surgery as a final therapeutic option. Orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons are best equipped to recommend appropriate surgical alternatives available to each individual patient, depending on their

Lionel Messi’s Tattoo on Left Leg Covered Up with Black Ink

Lionel Messi is a football player that you won’t want to mess around with. This Argentine-born footballer is considered as the greatest player in sports. He played for the Argentina National Team and FC Barcelona. He is the only individual in the history of football to win five FIFA Ballon d’Or awards. The player

Ariana Grande’s Wardrobe Malfunction is Not What Usually Captures the Headline

Just like many other pop stars, Ariana Grande has also suffered from wardrobe malfunction. In fact, it happened to her several times. Some of them took place on stage while others were during red carpet events. Despite the problem, Ariana powered through and made it seem like nothing happened. She is such a diva