Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain Review: Say Goodbye to your Back Pain for Good

Back pain can be bothersome. It could hamper your day-to-day activities or even give you sleepless nights. It can be caused by strain, structural problems, poor posture and other medical conditions.

The good news is, you don’t have to endure the discomfort made by back pains for there are breakthrough products to help you treat it. In this Back to Life- Erase My Back Pain reviews, you will learn more about what causes back pain and how you can be free from it-completely!

What is Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain?

Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain is a three-part video series in downloadable digital format. It is a system that tells you the most effective movements in scientific sequence to treat your back pain, strengthen your core and provide support on your back. It takes you to the key to unlocking your strength, balance, vitality and flexibility naturally.

It is a unique therapeutic method you will not find anywhere else and can be done by anyone. It starts with a surprising stretch and a 10-minute routine based from extensive research, exercise science and kinesiology. It is made easy for everyone to enjoy.

The exercise programs never leave you in plateau, for they continue to advance with more routines as you increase in level. With this system, you can say goodbye to back pain for you stop its source. It is also time to stop wasting your time and resource on medicines and therapies that don’t do any help.

How Does Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain Work?

Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain includes exercise routines you can do yourself, as well as dietary changes that improve your overall health. It will guide you through the routines and postures in detail and teach you how to correct wrong postures and strengthen your core since weak core is one of the factors of back pain.

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The system can work for anyone, but two factors determine its effectiveness and how quickly it shows results.

  1. Effort: the routines provided in these videos aim to provide relief, and that’s what you get if you try it. If you want lasting results, it takes effort and commitment to be consistent in doing the exercises. It is recommended to do the routines daily and go over the checklist included in the system.

The writer emphasizes that repetitive trauma creates fault lines when you return to your bad posture and habits. Keep going with the program to avoid this.

  1. 2. Your back pain: the system was designed for common causes of back pain including poor posture, injury, arthritis, back pain and others. If the cause of your back pain is less common such as cancer or other more serious problems, this might not work for you. In such case, consult your doctor first.

Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain presents a 10-minute routine to address sciatica pain. This therapy can tone your body and prevent the pain from happening again. It also reveals a stretching exercise that can heal discomforts.

This routine is not that strong, making it suitable for older people who don’t want to do strenuous exercises. It can tone and strengthen the abs, hips and thighs. Since the exercises are in several levels and modifications, people can adapt to it easily. Best of all, the writer teaches you to know your symptoms through guided instructions.

What Can Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain Do for Me?

What is truly impressive about this program is that it opens the body’s natural ability to relieve back pain. If you are struggling with your weight, this might also work for you.

Here are the other benefits of Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain:

  • Information are straightforward, with no unnecessary fluff
  • Instructions are clear
  • Routines can be done anywhere
  • Routines can easily fit a busy schedule

Now here are a few drawbacks:

  • Some movements are too strenuous if your pain is severe
  • It is in digital format which means you need a computer and other device to download and install it, but you can opt for the DVDs for easier access

Who is the Creator of Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain?

Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain was created by Emily Lark, a top fitness expert. She used to teach yoga, Pilates and other exercise programs at reputable gyms. She has high certifications and trainings, and she thought she had a fit body, until she suffered from body aches that might be due to an accident she had during her childhood.

The doctor recommended for her to undergo surgery, which she refused so she started to find the best way to treat it. She gathered all valuable information she could get from back specialists and she succeeded. Now, she wanted to share what cured her in this product.

What people have to say about Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain

After scouring the web for Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain reviews, testimonials about it came as a surprise for people only have good things to say about it. Most of them are older people at the ages of 50 and above. They all reported feeling good after trying the exercise routine.

They are happy to find an alternative to mainstream medicines and therapies that seem to not do anything about their pain. It corrected some old beliefs they did in the past and they were just glad to have found about this program.

Is it a Scam?

Emily Lark is a renowned trainer and she has her own YouTube channel, which shows she is a real person. The product is legit, and certainly not a scam. If you want to see for yourself, you can try it and get your money back if you feel it is not working.

Where to Buy Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain and Price

You can buy directly from their website,

You have two options if you want to purchase the product. One is to buy a set that can be downloaded into your device while the other is a DVD and booklet. Both costs only $37.

Final Recommendation

Back pain can cause a lot of discomfort. The first thing you are likely to do when you suffer from it is to see a doctor. After finding the cause, it will not hurt to try exercises that aim to offer relief from your aches and pains.

Back to Life-Erase My Back Pain is safe for you to try because it is backed by science. As long as you follow the instructions and commit to doing it for a longer period, there is no reason why it won’t work for you.

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