Ariana Grande’s Wardrobe Malfunction is Not What Usually Captures the Headline

Just like many other pop stars, Ariana Grande has also suffered from wardrobe malfunction. In fact, it happened to her several times. Some of them took place on stage while others were during red carpet events. Despite the problem, Ariana powered through and made it seem like nothing happened. She is such a diva who will make you think that Ariana Grande’s wardrobe malfunction is not really a big deal.

Ariana is the type of artist who doesn’t shy away from wearing really short dresses, especially for performances. She has suffered from wardrobe malfunction quite a couple of times.

The nature of the skirt she wore during a performance with Jessie J gave people a peek of her bum. It’s not the first time though.

Since she became a full blown diva, Ariana has started wearing more daring clothes. She is no longer the same Disney star we used to know.

The wind may have blown Ariana’s skirt too hard that she had to use her entire force to cover herself up or risk showing her undergarments.

Not only was Ariana’s on stage PDA with Justin Bieber controversial, her outfit at that time also caused some stir. Her butt was even visible as she tried hugging Justin after the performance.

Even during her guest appearance in SNL, she had wardrobe malfunction. Since the show was live, it was easily noticed. The good thing was she had an even better performance throughout the show.

Aside from her vocal prowess, she is also an all-out performer on stage. This is why she has suffered from several wardrobe malfunctions since she started her singing career.

Ariana tried wearing a jacket during her SNL performance in an innovative way, but it was deemed more as a wardrobe malfunction.

She might have suffered from several wardrobe malfunctions, but she has managed to pull through and won the audience with her stunning performance.

Ariana has definitely come a long way since she started her career. She has sold thousands of albums and has a huge following around the world. Who even cares about her wardrobe malfunctions?