One-Of-A-Kind Sports Science Fair Projects

Science fair projects are a common part of a student’s life. They present opportunities for the student to be able to showcase his/her talent in science, specifically applying concepts and ideas to regular, everyday activities. Sports make it doubly fun and interesting because topics related to sports and science are fused to create sports science fair projects.

Now some students are not exactly gifted when it comes to thinking of possible projects for a school project, more so if it’s for sports and science combined. However, it just takes a little focus and creativity to think of science fair project ideas that would elicit interest and be practical at the same time.

Here are some good examples that can be used for Sports Science Fair Projects:

Food and Drink Analysis

Food and Drink Analysis

One good idea is to do a food and drink analysis for new products in the market. With the proliferation of so-called energy drinks, protein shakes, powders, bars, etc., their effectiveness should be measured if they can really elevate energy levels to the optimum, especially during intense physical activity. This can be conducted with a single product at a time against a control group who will not be given a dose of the product. Energy levels will be measured after they undergo the same activity, say running, to find out what benefit/s the product can give.

A comparison of product ingredients can also be done. For example, one energy drink can be pitted against another. One group will be asked to take product A and the other group will be given product B. The goal may be to find out what roles these ingredients play, what is more effective for what particular sport and why.

Another product differentiation can be done in terms of taste. It is said that flavor is one factor which makes an athlete consume more of a certain product. So, finding out what product is most preferred, and what its possible effect on the athlete afterwards can also be a topic to pursue.

Test Communication Effectiveness

Test Communication Effectiveness

Another idea for a sport related science fair project is testing the effectiveness of communication. Two groups are asked to play volleyball, one group can communicate, while the other could not. Let them play several sets of games and record the results.

It is expected that the first group will emerge as the winner because communication is essential in volleyball, but this sports science fair project will provide sufficient proof for this claim.

Tall and Short. Would you like to know if shorter people are in a disadvantaged position against taller runners? For obvious reasons, most people would presume that longer legs would equate to bigger strides, that would result to faster arrival at the finish line.

Take a few athletes and measure their height and stride length. Let them run one at a time in the same area for several times and clock their speed. Chart all the data you have and test your hypothesis. Analyze your results if there is a correlation between a taller height and running speed or none at all.



There are many possible ways to look at how science and sports get intertwined with the concept of exercise. For a science fair project idea, it would be a brilliant approach to look at how exercise improves memory. The subjects here would be people who exercise and those who do not. You can use an existing memory test to examine which one will perform better.

You can also compare the combined effects of exercise and Gatorade on heart rate. Try to get individuals of the same ages, heights and weights to reduce the variables to be considered. Compare their resting heart rate and the rate after doing step-ups for 4 minutes, and record them.

Do the same procedure on the following day, but now have the participants drink 250 ml of Gatorade first, before doing the step-ups. Record all your findings and compare if there was an effect on the different heart rates of the individuals who took part in this activity.

Knowing how to handle different sports science fair projects is an important factor to let everybody discern how much learning you’ve gained successfully.